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Auto Detailing Level 4 Package


Auto Detailing Honolulu

Our Level 4 package provides the auto detailing Honolulu requires to look great and stay protected! In the tropical climate of Hawaii, our car’s are constantly exposed to rain, sunshine, acidic fallout and volcanic debris. But with the addition of the Level 4 Package, your vehicle gets a recharge and that just cleaned feeling again.

Our Level 4 Package Includes the following: Foam Bath Pre-Soak, Gentle hand wash, Deep clean wheels, Complete water spot removal, Removal of all paint and glass contamination, headlight restoration, minor scuff/scratch removal, Dressing of all exterior trimmings and tires, application of premium paint sealant, Thorough wipe down and drying. The interior receives a complete vacuuming, full steam cleaning, floor mats are extracted, dust and debris blowout, stain removal, and a complete wipe down and sanitation of all interior surfaces.

Prices Starting At:

2 Door – $600

4 Door – $700

Truck/SUV/Oversized – $800

Completion Time Approximately: 6-8 Hours

** All Pricing subject to change: Contingent upon Vehicle Condition **

Included in Package

Exterior Extensive:

  • Heavy Foam Bath Pre-Soak
  • Gentle Hand Wash
  • Microfiber thorough wipe down and drying
  • Clay Bar Removal of all paint and glass contamination
  • Removal of road tar and insects
  • Deep cleaning of wheels
  • Cleaning of exterior windows
  • 2 hours allotted for Machine Polishing and Paint correction
  •  Minor scuff/scratch removal
  • Complete water spot removal
  • Headlight restoration
  • CERAMIC PRO SPORT 1 Year Coating
  • Dressing of all exterior trimmings and tires

INTERIOR Extensive:

  • Complete and thorough vacuuming
  • Full steam cleaning
  • Floor mats are extracted
  • Dust and Debris blowout
  • Stain removal process
  • Cleaning of interior windows
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