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Auto Detailing A-La-Carte Options

Car Shampoo Honolulu & More

Auto Perfection offers various additional and a-la-carte services. Whether you need a detailing package for your motorcycle or a car shampoo our detailers and technicians are here to meet your exact needs. Our additional services are listed below:



Car Shampoo Honolulu

This package tends to interiors that need a complete shampooing and extraction overhaul due to flooding, major spills or extremely soiled carpeting and upholstery. *Price contingent upon severity*

4 hours Starting at $299

Motorcycle Detailing Package

If your motorcycle is in need of a detail look no further then Auto Perfection.  Our technicians detail, dress the tires and polish any exposed metal plastics.  A Complete Detail of motorcycle starts at $199 *Price Contingent upon severity*.

car shampoo honolulu

Overspray Removal

This process includes the removal of overspray particles resulting from overspray paint.  This package takes four hours and starts at $200.

POR – 15

Auto Perfection is the exclusive POR-15 retailer in Hawaii. POR-15 is a rust preventive coating applied to vehicles that helps reduce rust from forming on your vehicle. This liquid forms a bond with the car’s existing surface and forms a coating that will never crack, chip or peel. This coating reflects moisture away from the metal of the vehicle with it’s coating that is strengthened with added humidity and moisture. Once applied it reduces any kind of rust and prevents future rusting from occurring.

The Auto Perfection provides coating options along with the sale of POR-15. Leave it to the professionals, or install it at your own garage!

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The best way to protect your investment!