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Window Tinting Installation


Operating a car tint business in Honolulu is no easy task. Many window tinting companies have come and gone but our shop doors remain open – ready to serve the tint needs of the community. In Hawaii the sunshine beats down on us hard. When this strong sunshine hits, it takes its toll not only on skin but on our car’s interior as well.

Car tint is unique in that it adds both aesthetic and practical value to the vehicle. Every year the sun gets stronger and this takes it’s toll on your skin and your interior. With the addition of tint you’ll get added protection from the sun. More than 95% of dangerous UV rays are blocked with this addition resulting in healthier skin and a healthier interior. Window tint also increases privacy and adds additional protection from wandering eyes to the interior cabin of the vehicle. Our films are backed by manufacturers warranties and never interfere with radio or cellular signals.

Protect your investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Interior protection from aging
  • Increases privacy
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Rejects heat keeping your car cooler
  • Shatter Resistance

Featured Product:  Pentagon IR Tint

  • Non-Reflective
  • Non-Metal: Won’t Block Cell, Satellite or Radio Signals
  • Protection from Heat, UV and Infrared
  • Lifetime warranty Against: Adhesive Failure, Peeling, Delamination, Fading and Cracking


Tint is a great way to add aesthetics and practicality to your vehicle. Protect your skin, save your interior and limit wandering eyes!

In addition to blocking harmful UV rays, car tint also reduces heat and glare in the car. Tint allows for a more stable vehicle temperature and also helps to improve the safety of the drive. With less glare coming in from your windshield and windows, you’ll have less distraction while driving. In Hawaii, sunglasses generally don’t satisfy the glaring sun. Glare in a drivers eyes cause dangerous driving obstructions and these obstructions can lead to accidents. With the addition of tint however, you’ll have less glare resulting in a safer drive.

Car tint also helps alleviate premature fading and aging of the interior. Once tint is applied to the windows, your interior is better protected from the ill effects of UV rays. Additionally, your car gets an added layer of privacy. This results in more privacy for the occupants and the belongings in the cabin. Add protection and increase your driving experience with the addition of tint!

Hawaiian Laws on Window Tinting

You’re probably wondering how much tint is legally allowed on your car. In regards to the windshield, you can legally have 70% VLT. The front side windows need to let in 32% VLT and the rear window and back side windows can be as dark as 35% VLT.

Ceramic vs. Infrared: Let’s Compare

At Auto Perfection we offer Suntek and XPEL varieties of window tint: Our tint options come in Ceramic & Plastic Options

Let’s begin with the higher-end ceramic tint. This product provides extreme clarity and has elite heat rejection qualities. Guaranteed and backed by a warranty to not crack, fade or delaminate this non-metallic tint film blocks heat, protects your skin and interior and wont block cellular, Bluetooth or radio signals. For additional information regarding the ceramic tint please click here.

Our plastic tint package offered through Suntek has a lower cost point than the Ceramic tint. Also non-reflective and non-metal, this package blocks UVA and UVB rays. Backed by a manufacturer warranty this package is guaranteed to never delaminate or peel. For additional information regarding the standard tint please click here.