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Ceramic ProMaintenance Package


Ceramic Pro Maintenance Services

The Ceramic Pro maintenance package is required to honor the manufacturer’s warranty. For the warranty to be valid, the owner of the vehicle needs to bring their vehicle in for an inspection at least once a year. During the maintenance package a full decontamination of the car occurs. Then an inspection of the coating and an additional layer of Ceramic Pro Sport is applied to the exterior to rejuvenate the coat.

This maintenance package is critical in maintaining the manufacturers warranty. For the full warranty to be upheld the owner of the ceramic pro vehicle needs to ensure it’s properly maintained. If for whatever reason a maintenance package is missed then a lifetime warranty will be reduced to five years, for the first year, and two years for the second year. Protect your investment and ensure that you bring your car back to us at least once a year and your car’s warranty and exterior will remain in top shape.

Included in Package

  • Full Decontamination
  • Ceramic Pro Sport Applied to Existing Topcoat
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